A small hack for my daily plan

I’m doing a daily plan in orgmode since August 2014. Recently I optimized that a little bit.

The trigger came when I listened to this episode of „Beyond the To-Do list“ with Michael Hyatt. Michael said something that is very true:

If everything has a priority then nothing has a priority.

So he suggests to put the 3 most important tasks on your list. That made me think that I should make a template for my daily plan that looks like this:

So this means I can put the 3 most important tasks for today on top of it. This is what really needs to be done when the day is finished.  And I limit myself to have only 3 tasks there.  The next section in this tree is things that I have filed in orgmode. That means every entry in this section has a link back to my orgmode file. The 3rd part is about small things that I don’t track like „doing laundry“ or „play Mario Kart with my son“. That doesn’t mean that this stuff is less important, but there is not much use in putting a recurring task for that in my system. I decide on the spot in the morning if I have to do laundry or not.

The capture template line looks like this:

This is in my „private“ capture hierarchy. So if I press („capture“) and then „pD“ it copies the content of my template file in a datetree. That means I have an empty plan for the actual day within 3 keystrokes. The „:immediate-finish t“ property (set to true) means that orgmode doesn’t query anything at this moment, it just pastes the template in my file.

I started to use this „hack“ three weeks ago and I feel very good with it. It perfectly shows the most important things for every day and keeps me focused on what is really important.

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