Changes to my Orgmode system

With the new year I applied some small changes to my GTD system in Orgmode. Its not much, but very helpful. The first change was made on my checklist for the weekly review. So far I used a sort of generic checklist that you can find on the internet if you search for it. But with every weekly review I made I had the feeling, that this list does not really fit to my workflow. So I reworked the list. From a technical point of view I made a flat checklist structure. From the organizational point of view I made the final point „Archive all completed tasks for this week“.

The other change was a bit heavier. I optimized my custom agenda views. When you see my videos you know that I have 3 different areas of focus in my system, one for work, one for private things and one for the sports club where I’m the president. So my custom agenda views were quite big, but if you look at it from a structured point then it looks like this:


Every area of focus has the same Views like „Daily Agenda“ or „Waiting for tasks“, the only difference between the coluns is that every area of focus has different settings for org-agenda-files.

So the idea was to remove the part where the variable org-agenda-files is set inside the view from the code and then add some simple functions that set the variable to the current area of focus.

That means that now I only have to maintain one tree of different custom agenda views instead of 4! All I need to do is selecting the my current area of focus once and then I just see what I want.

Small change, but seems to make the code inside my org-global.el much more easy to maintain.