Version 2 of the APS film adapter is done

After writing about my APS film scanner adaper project I still had some things to improve for the next version of this adapter. So today I worked on the design again and replaced the straight vertical walls of the film window with ones hat have an angle, so that there is no cropping because of the adapter. The film window also got slightly larger than in the first version.

The construction was not as easy as I wanted it to be. Placing the loft in the design of the ground plate was not working as expected, so I enventually decided to do the construction from scratch again. Printing was don quickly and then it was time for the next scan.

The next version of the adapter in action (photo taken with smarphone)

So you see now, that there is a small black frame around the APS image. That means that I solved the problem that the walls of the film window were reflecting in the images and needed to be cropped away. Perfect size of the film window now. Lets see the image of this taken with the scanner:

The scanned image

You see the small black frame around the picture and on top and bottom you also see some printing from the film and the holes that were punched into the film. And yes, we have now the whole APS picture are visible. And brightness and contrast look also quite good.

Scanning one APS cartridge was done withing a few minutes. Then I imported the pictures into digiKam and made a batch process for cropping them to the correct format. Now my picture area is 4463×2428 pixel in size, that means APS pictures can be scanned with a resolution of 10.8 Megapixels The version 1 of the adapter forced me to crop them to 8.9 Megapixels in size, so the version 2 is really an enhancement.

I removed the version 1 files from thingiverse and put the version 2 on the design that is really visible for all.

And since Thingiverse is sometimes really painful and buggy I also uploaded the design to

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