Udemy instructor statistics

Today I got my statistical overview for 2022 from Udemy, where I host 3 courses. It took 2 attempts to get the numbers, the first mail arrived a few days ago, but didn’t have loadable images which rises the question why we need to pack simple numbers into images. Well, nevertheless, now I have those numbers.

Here is a screenshot from the mail.

Screenshot from the mail

So with 1423 new students and 143 five star reviews that means that 10% of my students issue a 5 star review. I have no comparable data how good that is, but the courses that got reviewd have a rating of 4.7 (orgmode course) and 4.8 (budget course). So I assume that students are satisfied with the courses, even if they don’t rate them full 5 stars.

123013 minutes means around 2050 hours of looking at the videos. The orgmode course is 6.5 hours, so that means that only 315 students would finish it in those 2050 hours. I guess this is due tot the fact, that this course belongs to Udemy business, where companies can subscribe and then their employees can select freely from all the courses. So maybe they just enroll and then never finish the course. This assumption is reflected by the students list that I can see, I see a lot of Udemy business substriptions that sometimes don’t even start the course.