Ich, der Lehrer

Seit Anfang Oktober ist mein erster Kurs bei Udemy online und jetzt, nach einem Monat habe ist es mal an der Zeit, ein wenig zu reflektieren und zu erzählen wie es läuft.


Org-mode course approved

Germany celebrates the reunion today and I can celebrate the approval of my first course on Udemy. The topic is of course my passion project, the Org-mode tutorial. Here is some background information on that course.


Changes to my Orgmode system

With the new year I applied some small changes to my GTD system in Orgmode. Its not much, but very helpful.  Weiterlesen

Improving my Orgmode workflow

Those who watch my Orgmode tutorial videos know that I got the habit to create a daily plan every day with links to my org files where the tasks are defined in detail. So far I created a small function that copies the ID property an item to the copy buffer, so that I can paste it to my daily plans. But this is still a lot of manual work. So I looked for improvements.


Orgmode-Vortrag auf dem LIT 2017

Es ist schon eine Weile her dass ich auf dem Linux-Info-Tag 2017 der Linux User Group Augsburg e.V. einen Vortrag über das Thema „Orgmode“ gehalten habe. Neulich habe ich dann das Video dazu auf YouTube gefunden:

Wer also neugierig ist wie ich mein tägliches Chaos bändige kann sich den Vortrag ja mal anschauen.

Another approach for goal tracking

A few days ago I uploaded a video on goal setting and tracking. I got some very interesting feedback and Hugo gave me something to think. My approach was to set ID-Links between the goals file (goals.org) and my action-files (*.org). But Hugo pointed out that it would be better to use tags for this. So I used my demo installation to try this out.


OrgMode tutorial – Episode 7

Yesterday evening I uploaded the 5th snippet of my tutorial episode 7. So here is the blog post for that. Sorry that it took so long, I have to reconsider the format of the videos in 2018 and proabably increase the pace again.


A small hack for my daily plan

I’m doing a daily plan in orgmode since August 2014. Recently I optimized that a little bit.


Presentation decks for my OrgMode videos are available in Downloads


One of the subscribers of my YouTube channel asked if I can provide the PDFs that I used in my tutorial videos. I’ve just uploaded them to the Downloads page of this blog. You’ll find ZIP files for each episode so that you can download and extract them. The filename will be E0xS0y-topic.pdf so that you can easily spot what you’re looking for.

Google Calendar integration in OrgMode

If you have seen my OrgMode video from Christmas 2016 you learned that my daily habit is to create a plan for every day. For that I have created daily agenda views for the 3 roles in my life, but they were still lacking of something. They didn’t show whats on my calendar. My calendar is the Google calendar and I use it for scheduling appointments and I also import a lot of calendars from our family to see what is going on. So the goal was easy to define: „Make your calendar entries show up in your agenda views“.