Fighting Procrastination with Orgmode

Note: Text in English because its written for an international audience.

We all know those task, that we always push ahead into the future. Those tasks that we know we should do sooner or later, but we decide for later. We all have them, wether it is a task like „file taxes“ or „unclutter wardrobe“ or whatever. Yesterday I made a small step forward in handling those tasks.


Exploring org-roam

After I released my Orgmode course on Udemy I got some requests to do a course on org-roam. I never heard before about org-roam and the „roam“ in the name made me think that this is just a tool to share data between several systems, like in raoming profiles or roaming with your cell phone. Nevertheless I started to look around what this tool is.


Improving my Orgmode workflow

Those who watch my Orgmode tutorial videos know that I got the habit to create a daily plan every day with links to my org files where the tasks are defined in detail. So far I created a small function that copies the ID property an item to the copy buffer, so that I can paste it to my daily plans. But this is still a lot of manual work. So I looked for improvements.


Orgmode-Vortrag auf dem LIT 2017

Es ist schon eine Weile her dass ich auf dem Linux-Info-Tag 2017 der Linux User Group Augsburg e.V. einen Vortrag über das Thema „Orgmode“ gehalten habe. Neulich habe ich dann das Video dazu auf YouTube gefunden:

Wer also neugierig ist wie ich mein tägliches Chaos bändige kann sich den Vortrag ja mal anschauen.

Another approach for goal tracking

A few days ago I uploaded a video on goal setting and tracking. I got some very interesting feedback and Hugo gave me something to think. My approach was to set ID-Links between the goals file ( and my action-files (*.org). But Hugo pointed out that it would be better to use tags for this. So I used my demo installation to try this out.